A Boutique Advisory and Consulting firm for the Culture and Creative Economy on the African Continent.


Beaux Monde aspires to the 5th Aspiration of the 2063 Agenda. An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values, and ethics. Pan-Africanism and the common history, destiny, identity, heritage, respect for religious diversity, and consciousness of African people and her diaspora will be entrenched.


Our mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of African cultural creative expression in all its forms and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals.


We provide technical assistance expertise to Culture and Creative Enterprises with the following objectives:

  • Reinforce and develop the operational efficiency of the Cultural and Creative industries and the central capacity building for cultural and creative actors.
  • Support the Cultural and Creative Economy to strengthen the initiatives of professional organizations in the design and implementation of activities to support companies in their sectors (management and production capacity).
  • Strengthen research capacity, so as to increase its effectiveness in the implementation of policies and strategies specific to the priority sectors nationally and regionally; and
  • Foster the proper management of the financial resources made available in order to increase the operational efficiency of all public and private partners.


    To connect the best ideas and leaders to inspire all of us to shift culture for the better. We use strategic partnerships and value-added collaborations to uplift and support Cultural and Creative professionals.

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